Aaron Static

Aaron Static, born in Port Hedland, Australia, is an exceptionally talented electronic music producer and DJ who has been captivating audiences for years. Initially drawn to electronic music through Perth's University Radio Station 'RTRFM', he developed a passion for genres such as Ambient, Liquid Drum & Bass, Organic House, Future Garage, and Progressive Breaks. Starting his music journey at a young age, Aaron quickly gained a reputation for his own productions and DJ sets.

After many years in the Perth scene, including releases on Argon Records and his own Kinematic320 imprint, Aaron moved to Melbourne in 2006. His sound has diversified extensively, blending elements from Techno, Tech House, Deep House, Breaks, and Dubstep in his productions. He launched his debut album, "Singularity," in 2009, exploring themes of AI singularity and its impacts on society.

Aaron's music career continued to flourish, with his albums "Redemption" and "Shifting Tides" showcasing his versatility in various electronic genres. "Shifting Tides" focuses on finding an escape from the chaos of the modern world through beautiful and relaxing music, resonating with listeners worldwide. His single "When We Love" gained immense popularity, with almost 2 million plays on Spotify.

Aaron Static

Aaron has also been successful in collaborating with other artists, such as Artsea on the "Looking Good EP," and working with African American artist NJE on the smooth and soulful Liquid Drum & Bass track "Spread My Wings." His dedication to music is evident in his impressive back catalog, diverse range of genres, and passion for creating a unique and engaging listening experience.

In addition to his music career, Aaron Static is an accomplished coder with a passion for technology. He has developed various software tools and applications, which he often incorporates into his music production process. Aaron's technical prowess allows him to push the boundaries of electronic music, blending his love for cutting-edge technology with his creativity and dedication to his craft. This unique combination of skills further sets him apart as a versatile and innovative artist in the world of electronic music.

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