Welcome to the official Aaron Static music releases page, where you can explore the diverse and captivating discography of this talented electronic music producer. Discover his journey through a range of genres, from House, Progressive House, and Techno in his debut album "Singularity" to Chillstep, Future Garage, and Autonomic Drum & Bass in later works like "Redemption" and "Shifting Tides." Aaron Static is known for his emotive melodies, intricate soundscapes, and thought-provoking themes, which have touched the hearts of fans around the world. Dive into his singles, such as the soulful "Spread My Wings" and the melodic "I'll Know," or explore his collaborative projects like "Looking Good EP" with Australian artist Artsea. Browse through Aaron Static's impressive collection of albums, singles, and remixes, and immerse yourself in the world of his unforgettable music.

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Shifting Tides
Aaron Static - Shifting Tides
  • Slime
Remix & Additional Production
Aaron Static - Remix & Additional Production
  • Various Artists
Aaron Static - Redemption
  • This Is For You
Aaron Static - Singularity
  • Aaron Static


Looking Good EP
Aaron Static, Artsea - Looking Good EP
  • onesevenfour
Spread My Wings
Aaron Static - Spread My Wings
  • Shadowhearts
Winter Sun
Aaron Static - Winter Sun
  • Shadowhearts
I'll Know
Aaron Static, Akacia - I'll Know
  • Slime
When We Love
Aaron Static, Chase Vass - When We Love
  • Slime
Aaron Static - Perihelion
  • Slime
I Won't
Aaron Static - I Won't
  • Slime
Solar Empire
Aaron Static - Solar Empire
  • Indigo Records
Aaron Static - Ascension
  • Jetlag Digital

Appears On

Forgotten Gems (3)
Various Artists - Forgotten Gems (3)
  • OLD SQL Recordings
Techtronica, Vol. 6
Various Artists - Techtronica, Vol. 6
  • M&S Media Group
Prog House Essentials, Vol. 2
Various Artists - Prog House Essentials, Vol. 2
  • M&S Media Group
Like A Movie
Staygo - Like A Movie
  • Delight Records
I've Been Thinking
Sadiva - I've Been Thinking
  • Delight Records
Resonata - Uncanny_valley_2.0
  • Sekai Collective
32 Diverse Range Of Progressive Multibundle
Various Artists - 32 Diverse Range Of Progressive Multibundle
  • Multibundle

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