Aaron Static, Artsea - Looking Good EP

Looking Good EP

"Looking Good EP," a collaborative effort between Australian artists Aaron Static and Artsea, is a refreshing collection of Liquid Drum & Bass tunes released on March 18, 2022, under the label "onesevenfour." This EP showcases the perfect blend of both artists' distinct styles, delivering a captivating listening experience that draws in fans of the genre.

The EP opens with the title track "Looking Good," a vibrant and energetic collaboration between Aaron Static and Artsea that sets the tone for the rest of the release. Paying homage to the Intelligent Drum & Bass tracks of LTJ Bukem's label "Goodlooking Records" from the late 90s, "Looking Good" skillfully captures the essence of that era while injecting a modern touch.

"Ethereal Dawn," an evocative track by Aaron Static, follows, immersing listeners in its lush soundscapes and soothing melodies. Further showcasing their creative synergy, Aaron Static and Artsea join forces once again on "These Streets," a track that captures the essence of urban life through its compelling beats and immersive atmospherics.

With the "Looking Good EP," Aaron Static and Artsea have crafted a collection of Liquid Drum & Bass tracks that resonate with fans of the genre, leaving them eagerly anticipating future collaborations between these two talented artists.

1Aaron Static, ArtseaLooking Good4:55
2Aaron StaticEthereal Dawn7:43
3Aaron Static, ArtseaThese Streets4:33
4ArtseaLesser Kings4:02

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