Aaron Static - Redemption


"Redemption," Aaron Static's second album, is a mesmerizing exploration of Chillstep, Future Garage, Autonomic Drum & Bass, and Dubstep genres. With a tracklist that highlights his diverse talents and creative vision, the album offers an immersive and captivating listening experience, while addressing the pressing theme of the world's excessive consumption of resources and the dangers of late-stage capitalism.

The album opens with an enigmatic "Intro," setting the tone for the evocative tracks that follow. "Protection" showcases Aaron's ability to create atmospheric soundscapes, while "Laura's Song" offers an emotive, melodic journey. The expansive "Social Meltdown" demonstrates Aaron's mastery of intricate arrangements and delves into the London riots of 2011, exploring how they relate to the album's overarching theme of unsustainable consumption and capitalism's consequences.

The title track, "Redemption," captivates with its haunting beauty, reflecting on the need for change and a more sustainable future. As the album continues, listeners are treated to the adventurous "Intrepid Journey" and the introspective "Severance." With "Uncertainty," Aaron Static presents a track that embodies the complex emotions of doubt and vulnerability in the face of global challenges.

The album moves towards its conclusion with the ominous "A Final Warning," a stark reminder of the consequences of our actions, and the powerful "Amen Tune," which serves as a fitting finale to this remarkable sonic journey. "Redemption" is a testament to Aaron Static's ability to innovate and transcend genres, showcasing his unique sound and artistic prowess while addressing critical social and environmental issues.

1Aaron StaticIntro1:27
2Aaron StaticProtection4:41
3Aaron StaticLaura's Song5:18
4Aaron StaticSocial Meltdown9:34
5Aaron StaticRedemption7:22
6Aaron StaticIntrepid Journey7:26
7Aaron StaticSeverance6:50
8Aaron StaticUncertainty5:14
9Aaron StaticA Final Warning1:08
10Aaron StaticAmen Tune6:05

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