Aaron Static - Remix & Additional Production

Remix & Additional Production

"Remix & Additional Production" is a brilliant showcase of Aaron Static's remixing talents, featuring some of his finest reinterpretations of tracks from various artists. This collection highlights his ability to seamlessly blend his signature sound with the original compositions, enhancing their emotional depth and musicality.

The album kicks off with the atmospheric "Far Away (Aaron Static Remix)" by Greed, Aaron Static, and Lylli, followed by Resonata's "Limbo (Aaron Static Remix)," which brings a captivating twist to the original. Covex, Enzalla, Aaron Static, and Bella Musser's "Ordinary Lies (Aaron Static Remix)" adds a layer of emotional complexity, while Menik, Native, and Aaron Static's "Mirage (Aaron Static Remix)" presents an ethereal soundscape.

Further enriching the album, MEHÍLOVE's "Oblivion (Aaron Static Remix)" offers an immersive, almost cinematic experience, and Drop Frame, Aaron Static, and Alice Pheobe Lou's "Maze (Aaron Static Remix)" weaves a mesmerizing auditory journey. "Not Really (Aaron Static Remix)" by Techi and Aaron Static, and "Fluke (Aaron Static Remix)" by Fort Road and Aaron Static wrap up the collection, solidifying the album as a testament to Aaron's versatility and creative ingenuity in remixing and production.

1Greed, Aaron Static, LylliFar Away (Aaron Static Remix)5:05
2Resonata, Aaron StaticLimbo (Aaron Static Remix)6:38
3Covex, Enzalla, Aaron Static, Bella MusserOrdinary Lies (Aaron Static Remix)7:12
4Menik, Native, Aaron StaticMirage (Aaron Static Remix)5:24
5MEHÍLOVE, Aaron StaticOblivion (Aaron Static Remix)9:38
6Drop Frame, Aaron Static, Alice Pheobe LouMaze (Aaron Static Remix)5:45
7Techi, Aaron StaticNot Really (Aaron Static Remix)9:56
8Fort Road, Aaron StaticFluke (Aaron Static Remix)7:59

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