Aaron Static - Shifting Tides

Shifting Tides

"Shifting Tides," Aaron Static's captivating album released on September 27, 2019, offers a sublime escape from the turbulence of contemporary life through its beautiful and relaxing music. With a blend of Ambient, Liquid Drum & Bass, Future Garage, Progressive Breaks, and other genres, the album invites listeners to take a momentary break and immerse themselves in a serene soundscape.

The album begins with the ethereal "Prelude," which serves as a reflection of the hectic world we live in, setting the stage for the tranquil journey ahead. "Foreseen Madness" and "Escapism" weave a soothing tapestry of sound, offering listeners a chance to find solace and comfort amidst the challenges of modern existence.

"New Beginnings" and "I'll Know," featuring the enchanting vocals of Akacia, continue the theme of seeking refuge through music, while the title track, "Shifting Tides," carries listeners on a wave of lush melodies and atmospheric sounds.

The introspective "Interlude" creates a moment of pause, leading to the soulful collaboration with Chase Vass on "When We Love," which has garnered immense popularity with almost 2 million plays on Spotify. The album progresses with the captivating tracks "Metaphysical" and "Experiment 85," before concluding with the driving melodic Drum & Bass track, "Winter Sun."

"Shifting Tides" is a testament to Aaron Static's ability to create a sonic sanctuary that allows listeners to escape the chaos of the modern world and find solace in his masterful compositions.

1Aaron StaticPrelude0:49
2Aaron StaticForeseen Madness5:27
3Aaron StaticEscapism5:44
4Aaron StaticNew Beginnings5:05
5Aaron Static, AkaciaI'll Know5:16
6Aaron StaticShifting Tides6:37
7Aaron StaticInterlude2:21
8Aaron Static, Chase VassWhen We Love5:33
9Aaron StaticMetaphysical6:29
10Aaron StaticExperiment 854:59
11Aaron StaticWinter Sun7:29

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