Aaron Static - Spread My Wings

Spread My Wings

Experience the heartfelt yearning in Aaron Static's single "Spread My Wings," featuring the soulful vocals of NJE. Written during the COVID lockdown, this smooth Liquid Drum & Bass track embodies the desire to escape confinement and the longing to break free from limitations. NJE's poignant lyrics convey the feelings of being a stranger in one's own surroundings, a life threatened by stagnation, and the burning need to spread one's wings in search of something more.

Complementing the main track, the B-side "Waveshaper" takes listeners on a sonic journey by merging the nostalgic sounds of retro Synthwave with the energetic beats of Drum & Bass. The result is a unique, sci-fi inspired auditory experience that showcases Aaron Static's innovative approach to music production. Don't miss out on this captivating release that resonates with the human spirit's innate desire for freedom and exploration.

1Aaron Static, NJESpread My Wings5:07
2Aaron StaticWaveracer6:08

I can't help to feel like a stranger, When I'm in this room. I feel my life's in danger, If I don't get away soon. Cause this reason has an evil nature, Consuming anything. And I have way more to offer, So I'm gon' spread my wings.

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