Aaron Static - Winter Sun

Winter Sun

"Winter Sun" is the enthralling third and final single from Aaron Static's acclaimed album "Shifting Tides." Featuring a blend of Drum & Bass and Jungle, this release showcases Aaron Static's versatility as a producer and further solidifies his status as a standout artist in the electronic music scene.

The single opens with the original "Winter Sun," a driving, melodic Drum & Bass track that captures the essence of the album while offering a unique listening experience. The atmospheric and uplifting vibes of "Winter Sun" are sure to mesmerize listeners and transport them to a world of aural bliss.

Next up is the "Winter Sun - Salaryman Mix," a reinterpretation of the original track by talented producer Salaryman. This remix maintains the core essence of the original while infusing it with a fresh and energetic touch, creating a whole new listening experience for fans of Drum & Bass.

Rounding off the release is "September Heat," a Jungle-infused track that showcases Aaron Static's ability to explore different styles within the electronic music spectrum. The track's pulsating beats and energetic rhythms are sure to get listeners moving and serve as a perfect conclusion to this diverse and engaging single.

1Aaron StaticWinter Sun7:28
2Aaron StaticWinter Sun - Salaryman Mix5:25
3Aaron StaticSeptember Heat4:38

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